• Delivered simulation, 3D design & 2D detailing for multi-model toy-tabbing & main framing stations having cycle times of just over one minute. These projects were done exclusively for our headquarter, whose end customer is one of UK’s largest & premier car manufacturer
  • Repeat design & engineering order was delivered for the same customer for a similar installation as mentioned above, this time for a project in Slovakia
  • Delivered 3D & 2D designs for 8 completely automatic fixtures & 10 material handling grippers, including structure design for Body Side Inner/Outer & Rear Quarter for our headquarter, for one of the world’s largest BEV manufacturer based in California, USA.
  • Delivered complete process, 3D design & 2D detailing for a 42-fixture automatic line having 21 robots for MIG welding of Front Mod, Rear Mod & Main Mod of chassis for a passenger vehicle
  • Delivered designs for a 4-face turn-table based robotic roller hemming cell for a 2-model LH/RH door for a commercial vehicle. Fixtures were provided with a piano clamping arrangement. Scope also included supply of hemming head, robot programming & quality prove-out

and many more.....