Spot Welding

Almost 80% of welding in a body shop is primarily spot welding, thereby making it the most important joining technology in the passenger vehicle & commercial vehicle manufacturing process. The team at VDL Pinnacle has enormous experience in body shop applications, mainly spot welding. With technical expertise & know-how of setting up multiple assembly lines, our team is capable of providing high quality tools & automation systems, yet simple solutions which help in saving space, cost & installation time.

The strength of our team lies in designing high-volume robotic lines as well as manual spot welding lines with project turn-around times as low as 3 months in specific cases. The knowledge of design & controls standards of almost all global & domestic OEM’s makes the mechanical & controls design stage much faster & efficient. The lines where VDL Pinnacle has supplied systems includes Front Floor, Rear Floor, Long Rail, Rear Wall, Front Underbody, Rear Underbody, Side Wall, Closures & Main lines including toy-tabbing & Main Framing stations

Robotic Roller Hemming

No closure line is complete without the process of hemming. The process of robotic roller hemming might be simple & straight-forward to look at, but involves a lot of technical knowledge & expertise in order to pull off a superior quality end product.

The most important parameters for designing a hemming system are flange recommendation study, flange height information, number of passes, material of the hemming bed, surface area of contact & cycle time study.

Our team has a vast experience of working on multi-model robotic roller hemming cells for passenger vehicles & commercial vehicles. Turnkey supply scope includes design, manufacturing, assembly, installation, programming, commissioning & quality prove-out.

Arc Welding

A seemingly complex process, arc welding is made simple by VDL Pinnacle engineers. With high competence & experience in delivering lines for welding of Chassis (Front Mod, Rear Mod, Mid-Mod & Mainframe), Rear Twist Beam (RTB), Car Cross Beam (CCB), Front Cross Member (FCM) & welding of entire bus bodies, we can safely say that our experts have a solution to your arc welding problems & requirements.

Not just tooling, our engineers are adept at creating optimum layouts & processes to simplify the overall solution. Having commissioned various turn-key projects using all global brands of robots & welding power sources, VDL Pinnacle can be a single-stop solution for all your arc welding automation requirements.

Material Handling

Material handling constitutes a very important aspect of transfer of parts from one station to another. Be it overhead conveyors, floor mounted conveyors, roller beds, skids, lift & shift shuttle systems, end-of-line transfer systems, gravity chutes or even transfer through hoists, the team at VDL Pinnacle has done it all.

Depending on your budget & cycle time requirements, customized transfer systems can be designed, tested & supplied.

Different types of grippers / robotic hands for part pick-up & station transfer have been designed & supplied for all skin panels of passenger & commercial vehicles. These grippers can be for a single model or multi-model, can be either fixed or modular, with tool changers or without, entirely depending on the customer requirement.

Special Applications

Apart from manual, semi-automatic & automatic tooling & fixtures, we at VDL Pinnacle are capable of designing special customized equipment, be it turn-tables, multi-axis positioners, trunnions, ferris wheels & anything that your application demands.

The hardcore technical knowledge of our design team is best utilized when they are given a challenging task. Turning non-standard solutions into working models is a regular day at VDL Pinnacle, case in point being a 5-axis high payload synchronized-axis Ferris wheel, indigenously designed for saving space & cost for our valued customer.

Also, a unique, multi-model, low-investment, 100% robotic proto tooling shop concept was developed for one of our HQ’s overseas customers.

One of our parent organizations, VDL Steelweld, is one of the pioneers in designing sophisticated & best-in-class, automatic hang-on & Fitting lines to customers worldwide.

At VDL Pinnacle, we are here to solve your complex industrial assembly line problems with simple yet innovative solutions. Bring them on!

Bus Body Welding

In a short span of time, we have successfully delivered 3 lines for bus body welding.
Comprising of manual & semi-automatic lines, we have supplied fixtures for all sub-assemblies & main framing stations to leading bus body manufacturing OEM’s in India.

Sub-assemblies welded on our fixtures are as follows:

Underframe / Base
Roof Panelling & Heating
Body Side LH/RH
Main Framing / Shell
Rear Seat Box Assembly
Side Luggage Assembly